Douglas Anderson -


I have spent a very long time developing my skills and knowledge as a multi media print maker.

From my early experiences setting up my high school letterpress or cutting stencil screen prints for my own art exam           I have been making marks on paper and fabrics through the magic of hand pulled prints.

In recent years I have focused on supporting & encouraging the introduction of

 - safer print practices and the use of more environmentally considerate art studio processes. 

I want makers and students to have fun creating artwork in solvent free, quieter and healthier studios. 

A 3 month sabbatical award in 2011 (Thank you - The Goldsmiths Company) allowed some time to investigate, study & create new work. This period of experimentation helped start my new journey as an independent maker.  

Print making - endless possibilities to explore, experiment and engage in making marks. I am fascinated by the creative potential printmaking offers contemporary makers and the diversity of techniques I can share with my students.