Douglas Anderson -

PuddleDay Press & Timepiece Textiles

This is an exciting but slowly evolving 'work in progress'.

A couple of years ago I launched PuddleDay Press with a range of unique or VERY limited edition hand pulled, print based products including a number of toys and activities for children PuddleDay Pastimes which I sold through my exhibitions and arts fairs. 

The ideas was to create small batches, try out fresh ideas, experiment and have fun making.

Its been rewarding to clear some space to design, experiment, make and sell my own products again.

Timepiece Textiles, my own fabric / surface design business, was carefully packed away in 1990 while         I completed my teacher training ............. maybe its about time it was relaunched?   

There will hopefully be lots of inspirational new limited edition PuddleDay Products and maybe some Timepiece Textiles rolling off the production line in the new studio in Teignmouth, Devon.

I will endeavour to post new work during 2020 on